Monday, March 08, 2010

The blogger's block...

What does it take to write a blog post ?
Internet connection and two hands to type.... and Ahem brain directing those hands, isn't it?
The last part is still not working and not able to dish out a post even after thinking hazaar times to write something. Probably I have nothing much say anymore or I have found other ways to went out my frustration ;-).
Yeah there is the husband to take all the crap coming from me and not even blink... which makes me bug him even more. Little brain you see.. it goes blank when it has to think about topics to write here. Gone are those days, when I used think of a whole blog post during my rides to-and-fro office, what a creative time that was!!! But these Pune roads won't let me think of anything else than curses. These bikers are worst in the world.
Talking of Pune, the is city still far from being being my home. I live and enjoy here alright... but I am still an outsider. Can't think of a single Puneri person I have befriended with or typical places I have frequented to. Still part of the band wagon flocking to fancy restaurants on weekends and minding only a small friends' circle. No I don't shop at Lakshmi Road/Tulashi Baug, hardly been to Camp/MG Road, don't eat at Vaishali/Rupali not even Janasewa and don't know where Parvati is... so not Punekar, isn't it?
I have been living next to FC for almost two years and never been to world famous "tekadi". Don't ask me for directions on Pune roads... though I can still tell you about Bangalore city bus routes :-).
And so my life goes on. The office-work and home-work have been keeping me busy...  Let's see when I get some interesting topic to talk about .... :-)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jai Ho...

"I thought you only enjoy rock concerts and not the Bollywood ones"
"That's right"
"Then how come you are going for Rehman concert"
"Isn't he our own rock star"
Yes I think so... you can't put A.R.Rehman in the same category with likes of Anu Malick and Udit Narayan. He is class apart! And how on earth I can resist the opportunity to listen to the maestro live in concert ... Despite the hubby's protests against standing for hours together in cramped crowd with feeble possibility of getting a good look at the man, the wify made him attend the concert. I was sure Rehman would make him forget all the agony and oh boy ... ARR did that in most spectacular way !

As expected, there was huge young crowd and all Pune roads seemed like flowing towards the Balewadi stadium. But there were aunties and oldies too and even families attending with 2 year olds. Hats off to Pune's music lovers... they attend Sawai Gandharv and Rehman with equal enthusiasm !

Given our great time management, we reached the place dot on concert time. I had slightest hopes of catching any good view of the stage given my previous concert experiences (and my not so good height). So first thing we did was to find a good position in front of one of the screens and settled down on the ground. What I didn't expect was that I would be able to enjoy almost whole show sitting right there. People were more interested in sitting comfortably and watching the screen than jumping up and down to catch a view of the stage. I guess it only happens in Pune !

I really didn't have any choices for songs to be played given vast number of songs of him that I adore. He started with "Jage hai der tak" followed by a Tamil song. I thought ab toh gaya... people will boo him for playing Tamil song. They just waited patiently for next one to come. The patience was paid off very well when he started "Jiya se jiya". That song has enchanting beats which make it more enjoyable live.

There was Hariharan singing "Roja janeman", Rashid Ali singing "Kabhi kabhi aditi", Sadhana Sargam singing "Chupake Se"... all the Delhi6 songs were sung and so were "Kaise muze tum mil gayee" and "Maiyya Maiyya". No singers were introduced apart from Raja Hassan whose name flashed across the backstage. I really wish he doesn't sing again after the way he almost killed "Masakkali". Sivamani made a brief appearance. We were hoping to get a small solo peace from him but in vain. There were some dancers and light show but who had time to pay attention to them, while dancing to those songs and cheering our hearts out.

The man himself performed "Dil se", "Rehana Tu" and "Maula mere maula". What I loved most was that the man did less talking and played more music save a futile attempt to "interview" people from audience.

Turn offs of the show, RJ's who were anchoring as if they were on air...( RJ Shrikant you suck big time) and the winglis speech by Karad. Yes we saw Lata Mangeshkar and also one lady snoozing in the front row.

My verdict ... awesome show!!! Still have hangover of it. Afterall You don't get to listen Rehaman playing piano live with Hariharan singing "Tu hi re", Roop Kumar Rathod singing "Roshan Sama" "Bhini Bhini" (just awesome!) everyday...

ARR you ROCK !!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

His friends...

Whenever any of my close friends decided to get married, there was a part of me which used hate that idea. Marriage would mean sharing the friend with his better half which most of the time means not having the friend at all or getting a new package deal of sorts. However good the spouses were/are, I would feel the distance, being intruded by someone. I never liked them knowing our secretes or gossips.
However selfish it may sound... I admit that I did feel like this most of the times.

Now that I am married, mostly hang out with my husband's friends... given lack of my "own" friend circle and the fact that they are really interesting people to hang out with.
... I wonder at times, do they feel the same way .... :-)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Marriage : random thoughts

It was Sunday afternoon. After shopping in the scorching sun for hours together in the busiest and most crowded markets in the city me and sis sat down for a quick grab. This was just another road side joint where you need to grab plates and chairs by yourself. A family followed us in. The tired wife was taking all the pains to feed the family while the husband sat lazily bearing 'I am the king look'.
If you are expecting I will start blasting the so-called male domination in the society and lecture on plight of women, you might just be wrong. I mean I would be writing all that if it were few months ago. Perspectives change after marriage, you see! And as the the hubby says, 'we should think about a situation from various dimensions'.
If you consider this particular situation, it is possible that the wife herself had offered to do the work the husband is really tired or the wife is too dominating to let anyone handle any work or the husband is too dominating to do any work by himself etc etc... Lets just talk about what I thought I saw and what I felt about it.

First thought that came to my mind was what would I be thinking if I were in the wife's shoes. From the way she was carrying out things I felt she might not have realized that there something not right about the whole situation as she thinks it is her 'duty'. That's what her mother (the whole society) has taught her right from her birth. "A woman should always take a second place in her life be it as a mother, sister or a wife. That's the society tradition."

I guess I wouldn't have felt so. I hate such imposed traditions which have no logical inference in today's modern world. People (men, society whomsoever you may want to address) have moulded the (so called) traditions as per their convenience and comfort.

Though I claim to be 'open mined person' now, as a child I didn't even know what my mom's likes and dislikes were. She never imposed them on us and we seldom tried to understand what she really wanted. Even she might not have thought about it herself. It was so natural to her to cook our favourite dishes, shop for us, get our homework done... zillions of things... And we never realized till we grew up that it was not right.

It all comes back to me now when I am trying adjust myself in the new family. A newly married girl is expected to leave her past behind and start new life from scratch and adopt to new rules from the day one. How is that possible? Here it is not the question of having a good or bad family ethics. Its just different...!!!

Have you attended any soft skill training on behavioural patterns? The science says, it is basic human nature to react to any change with a shock or denial. A girl like me who is used to finding her way in most of things, finds it difficult to adjust to suddenly being dictated to do things, observed and judged about every thing she does. Coming from a family where you are pampered and given highest priority, it's hurting to realize that you will be the last person to be considered after marriage... you no longer are part of the family you love and adore so much.

There are times when life feels totally frustrating and beyond logical thinking and then there are times when I feel totally blessed.
As I adjust with the changes and learn my way to enjoy them, I wonder at times what does marriage actually means to me... ?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Whole day I am surfing the web nervously, from one news site to another. Reading minute by minute account of the situation, looking for signs of relief. Somebody report that it's all over. Somebody please report that it was just a bad dream. I have spent sleepless night and breathless days. Not been able to work properly. It's sad very very sad.

Do I have someone there ?
Yes. The whole city !

Somehow the news of rescues and bravery of armed forces don't console me. Why do the have be used at first places? I don't like the phrase "Spirit of Mumbai". The city has no option but to run, it has no saviour. The city has been raped again and again for wrong issues be it jihad or marathi manus or lack of political will of the so-called leaders. It is the price the city is paying for being the most vibrant, accepting city in the world, for providing economical lifeline to a county of billion people.

I am ashamed that I cannot do anything about it but blog.
I cry for you Mumbai, my beloved city...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How's Life ?

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"An Idea"
"What's it about"
"Blog topic"
"Great! Lets discuss that later. I am busy"

That's how the conversation goes in my mind every other day. The "sometime later" never seem to come. As usual I have a loong list of reasons to defend that. You will say great person never gives reasons ... ahh let's leave that for great ones wonly!
Now you will ask me where I was hiding for almost a year... A YEAR !!! yes A year. It just feels like yesterday when I wrote my last blog post. A year that has flown past turning my life upside down. For starters I have found the man I want to spend my life with. The way we met and decide to get married and even got married ... Still feels like a dream. Ahem ... It's no mushy love story! A practical decision of two mature grown ups which has turned into the most beautiful one for them

"In this world of uncertainty and confusion
We two have found each other... different yet alike
We have grown grown together in Love and Understanding"

(Quote from the wedding invite)

Believe me... soulmates do exist! All you need is patience and keeping your eyes wide open to find them. (Ohh... Am I sounding mushy here ?)

Things have changed so fast which left me with no time and less (interesting) topics to blog about (remember many of posts were about marriage and things related to the process ;-) ). All the time was spent in talking, chatting and talking even more with the hubby, shopping (spending a fortune over it), getting educated about the "shadi-shuda life's Do's and Dont's" etc etc. I have discovered whole lot of patience in myself for listening to useless advises, shopping for unwanted things, doing pooja's you don't understand, meeting relatives I never heard of and so on. Most important discovery is that marriages are not that bad after all and I can also play a good wife/bahu :-).

I know even after all this description you will have the obvious question, "So hows married life?". This is just advanced one in the "How's life?" series of dumb questions.
"Married life is great!" that's the expected answer for the question you may ask. I guess that's the most dumb answer to most dumb question. How can one expect a girl (correction... a woman) to judge her so called "married life" in just about 3 months?
Anyway I have so many things to talk about, that have changed due to this "married life"... I am living in a new house , with new family (!), in a new city (sigh!), have new job and the 'new's list is never ending. Sometimes my own impression in the mirror feels different.

Am I cribbing about it? Again that's the basic trend in our society married person be it man or woman always like to crib about how life has changed after marriage. I would say life does change whether to feel good or bad about it is all up to you (philosophy haan!). Why should I complain about the married life if the husband makes me a cup of tea after a long tiring day or the m-i-l cooks nice meal for me :-)...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back !!!

Finally I am here... Now this is supposedly the most wanted-to-be-at types of place. Confused? Let me explain (Is anyone reminded of Dushyant from Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai?)
The place has meaning as you take it. I am back to blogging - as many of my regular readers (don't laugh.. if you are reading this you are one of them ;-)). I am in Pune - as my family wanted me to be. I am outta my boring work and into a startup - as I alwaaaaaays wanted and lo behold ... I am married !!!

There has been a loong list of To-Dos pending for me. Let me see how many of them I can mark off
Wrtie a blog - Done
Leave the ol' boring job- Done
Shift to Pune - Done
Get a job with a startup - Done
Get married - Done dana done ! ;-)